kevin Murphy, Director at Employment Law Solutions

Kevin Murphy


Hi, my name is Kevin, I am a Director and employment lawyer at Employment Law Solutions.

Having joined Alf from law school I have taken on a range of roles within the business.  My primary role is that of employment lawyer, working with business owners and managers to cure their HR headaches.  I also manage much of the operational side of the business with Jen and work with Luke as a Brand Ambassador at networking events.

My ethos is to try and relieve the stress of the HR and employment law problems.  We know that they are stressful and the law is often confusing, so if I can help a client smile or share a laugh whilst I cure their HR headache I am even more proud of the job I have done.

I can be found every other Friday morning at NetworkIN, Team Stoke Friday.  As the award-winning Team Leader for 2019, 2022 and 2023 I love to help our business community thrive and share opportunities and referrals.