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HR in Professional Services.

We know that working in professional services can sometimes lead to disappointment when employees do not come up to the required standard. That coupled with pressures of meeting client demands and needing to get work done has it’s unique HR headaches. Professional services has additional issues stemming from bonus, commissions, cars or other employee benefits.

Employment Law Solutions assist with preventing problems arising as well as holding your hand when issues crop up.

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Our solutions to recurring HR Headaches in Professional Services

Commission payments
  • Review current commission clauses
  • Considering when commission is paid
  • Protecting you from every eventuality
  • Redraft commission clauses or policies
  • Advice on implementing clauses or policies
Staff retention and benefits
  • Company car compliance
  • Additional annual leave days
  • Tax efficient staff benefits
  • Employee engagement tips
  • Recognising and rectifying employee burnout
Restrictive Covenants
  • Review current restrictions
  • Check enforceability
  • Advice on improvements needed
  • Redraft to protect business and staff members
  • How to issue new clauses
Poor performance
  • How to recognise it
  • Implementing a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Invitation letters for formal meeting
  • Bespoke questions drafted for you
  • Guidance on targets to set
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Why work with Employment Law Solutions?

“We have been a client of Employment Law Solutions for ten years. In that time, we have occasionally had to use their services and advice. They’ve always provided professional advice and guidance which has been individually tailored to our circumstances and with the best outcome in mind. We can contact the team at employment law at any time to discuss a situation query or concern we have; they are always on hand to advise and provide expert advice on how to deal with or tackle a situation.”

John Henshall, Managing Director at RK Henshall & Co Ltd

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General Guidance

An employer’s guide to the work Christmas party

When considering the work christmas party it would be easy to fall into a spiral of rulemaking and declaring fun absorbing dictats of course, not to control the fun or quell the festive spirit, but rather to try and prevent any HR headaches throughout the festivities and into the New Year to ensure everyone has a good time.

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