reducing carbon impact
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Reducing our carbon impact
one tree at a time.

We strive to control and reduce our environmental impact to assist in the fight against the climate emergency. We want to make a difference we will:

  • Use solvent free ink where possible
  • Use recycled or sustainably sourced paper
  • Ensure efficient recycling throughout our corporate activities
  • Reduce the use of single use plastics
  • Provide time to assist in environmentally conscious activities
  • We also want to make a more tangible difference to the world

We plant a tree for each retainer client that we have, in order to reduce the impact of carbon emissions, to benefit indigenous wildlife in the UK and to re-establish the UK woodlands that have been lost.

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Our Chosen Charities

Find out how you could get involved in supporting these
amazing charities through our referral scheme
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How our referral system works.

If you introduce a new business (other than yourself) with whom we have had no prior dealings and they become a retainer client, we will pay you £100 as a thank you. Should you wish, we can make a donation of £100 to one of our 3 partner charities.

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