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HR for HR Departments & Directors.

We know that HR Directors face pressures and workloads like no other. Managing the desires of directors against the welfare of employees can be challenging. HR has changed its focus and is now very much supportive of staff members. We recognise the benefit in retaining staff, supporting colleagues who are struggling and offering training.

Employment Law Solutions also recognise when ‘enough is enough’. We support HR managers when they need a sounding board, need to double check the law or need to dismiss. We also provide guidance on policies, staff retention and restructuring. Our job is to make your job easier!

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Our solutions to recurring HR Headaches for HR Directors.

Employment Tribunal Insurance
  • Lawyers on your side from the start
  • Guidance to make your job easier
  • Insurance against legal fees
  • Insurance against compensation
  • Representation at tribunal hearings
Long term absence
  • Invitation to welfare meeting
  • Bespoke questions for meeting
  • Requesting medical advice
  • Invitation to formal capability meeting
  • Review, decision and draft outcome
Should I Dismiss?
  • Review of documents to date
  • Guidance on the legal position
  • Options to take if dismissal unfair
  • Supporting a fair dismissal
  • Appeal guidance
Staff retention
  • Advice on staff benefits
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Recognising warning signs
  • Preventing employee burnout
  • Developing your team
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Why work with Employment Law Solutions? 

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