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HR in Construction.

We know that working in Construction can be challenging, the myriad of safety regulations and fluctuating workload can lead to all manner of HR Headaches.  From forecasting staff levels to retaining key staff and protecting your business from competitors, Employment Law Solutions can help.

Finally, we also understand the importance of reputation to charities and the critical need to protect that reputation from social media damage. Let us help you protect your charity and ensure its future viability.

Let us help managers and HR Directors with:
  • Reducing or increasing staff to hit forecasting levels
  • Managing training requirements
  • Enforcing reliable restrictive covenants
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Our solutions to recurring HR Headaches in Construction.

Staff forecasting
  • Review of current staffing levels
  • Quick wins to reduce headcount or hours
  • Retain current staff
  • Recruit effective staff
  • Prevent staff from moving to competitors
Staff Training
  • How to implement staff training
  • Disciplining staff who refuse
  • GDPR compliance with training records
  • Health and safety training advice
  • Equality and diversity training sessions
Restrictive Covenants
  • Review current restrictions
  • Check enforceability
  • Advice on improvements needed
  • Redraft to protect business and staff members
  • How to issue new clauses
Lone Working
  • Assessing risk to lone workers
  • Drafting an appropriate lone working policy
  • Completion of HSE risk assessment
  • Implementation of measure to protect them
  • Enforcement of measures
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Why work with Employment Law Solutions?

“Employment law solutions offer practical advice which meets our operational demands of the business. Having been a client of employment law solutions for over 2 years we have never looked back and I would recommend them to anybody.”

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General Guidance

An employer’s guide to the work Christmas party

When considering the work christmas party it would be easy to fall into a spiral of rulemaking and declaring fun absorbing dictats of course, not to control the fun or quell the festive spirit, but rather to try and prevent any HR headaches throughout the festivities and into the New Year to ensure everyone has a good time.

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