Managing Menopause in the Workplace

Written by Martha Mitchell
20 June, 2022

Let’s talk about…. Menopause at work. 

As a follow-on from our smash hit menopause masterclass you’re now aware of the culture change that’s needed within your business.


This training will give you the full tool kit to enable you to create change in regard to menopause at work.


From the person going through menopause, to their manager, to the juniors who have no idea what it even means.


This training will allow managers and business owners to feel empowered when dealing with any issue based on this topic.


Come along to find out how to;

  • Talk to and support anyone going through the menopause
  • Implement reasonable adjustments
  • Adhere to your duty of care
  • Retain experience and knowledge from this generation of staff
  • Create an atmosphere of compassion and understanding from the top down (including male managers)
  • Implement the free menopause at work policy to ensure continual support into the future

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