Employment Law Forecast Webinar

Written by Martha Mitchell
1 March, 2021
Employment law forecast webinar - 31st March 2021


2021 has got off to a gusty start and probably not the new start to a year that we hoped. Although 2020 was a year we could not have predicted, we have a better feeling about 2021 and are here to help you with a Webinar on our Employment Law Forecast.

  • Webinar: Employment Law Forecast 2021
  • When? Wednesday 31 March 2021
  • Time? 10am

We’re seeing tribunal cases taking as long as a full pregnancy, employers equality and diversity training risks becoming ‘stale’ and ineffective, mental health becoming more and more detrimental to staff’s well beings. As well as a look into a promising future of returning to the workplace but with a predicted increase of flexible working requests due to your staff possibly enjoying having daytime telly on in the background a little too much. With life starting to look up we can hope to see an increase in travel and understand how to calculate annual leave is crucial to make sure you’re not left short in the office on the busy bank holidays.

The Webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 31 March at 10 am and will cover a whole range of topics in the forecast including:

  • Employee training
  • Employment Tribunal statistics
  • Safeguarding employee’s mental health
  • Returning to the workplace
  • April changes
  • Annual Leave Calculations

The Webinar will also give exclusive access to unseen how to guides and cheat sheets for common HR Headaches.

Employment Tribunals on the rise

Due to the ever changing/restrictive environment the Employment Tribunal seems to have taken a dramatic hit due to the impact of Coronavirus. Single claims have increased by 13% from the previous quarter with an outstanding caseload being increased by 22%. With an average of 39 weeks to complete a case. We understand how much of an immense pressure the Tribunal is under and understand they are on a huge recruitment drive to help these backlog of issues.

As the Tribunal statistics are ever changing we will be giving you the most up to date information in the Webinar.

Do my staff need training regularly?

If your answer is over 2 years ago, think again. Following on from a recent case in the Employment Tribunal, Allay UK Ltd V Gehlen handed down a judgement. The employment tribunal was entitled to reject an employer’s ‘reasonable steps’ defence to a claim of racial harassment.  Although the perpetrator of the harassment and three other employees who were aware of it had received equality and diversity training around two years earlier, it had become ‘stale’ and ineffective, and it would have been a further reasonable step to give refresher training.

How often should I check in on my staff?

Unfortunately over the last 12 months mental health has been at the forefront of us all dealing with the Pandemic. It’s vital more than ever to protect staff mental health, for those in the workplace as well as those still working from home. A toxic work environment can be damaging to our mental health.

We are going to help you as employers with some top tips in relation to your duty of care to protecting your staff. As well as helping to identify some of those warning signs to look out for with a free Employee burnout cheat sheet and of course the precautions that you need to take to protect your staff so they can remain loyal and valuable employees to yourself.

My staff don’t want to return to the office?

As the Coronavirus vaccine continues to roll out over the nation we can be hopeful to see the ease of restrictions allowing staff back into the workplace. With this returning phase, particular precautions need to be understood beforehand. Although some of us are itching to be back into the office, some may have simply learnt to love the Working From Home routine. We do anticipate to see more flexible working requests due to this as some staff may enjoy their own choice of radio station and doing a load of washing in their lunch break a little too much.

Grievances may also see a rise during the return because staff simply might not be used to having so much interaction with their fellow peers again and they may have got used to their own company too much.

What are the new April Changes?

As we finally say goodbye to a long winter we will start to hear the birds chirping, the blossoming of the daffodils as well as the April Employment Law changes ( I know which one is our favourite!)  will be introduced and we will look to focus on what these changes can mean for your business. As these have not yet been fully disclosed we will be sure to update you on our social media and on the Webinar when we know more.

How do I calculate annual leave?

This may sound like a very wishful topic to be discussing during the current climate but staff are still entitled to take their annual leave even if their favourite all inclusive hotel is still closed. Employers face multiple questions when dealing with annual leave such as:

  • How do you calculate annual leave?
  • How do you make sure annual leave is being taken at the right times?
  • How do you make sure staff aren’t accruing too much annual leave?

We’ll be answering the questions you face as well as some easy top tips on managing your staff’s annual leave, stress free. There will also be a How to Guide provided in the Webinar to help you calculate annual leave if it’s for part time staff, full time and zero or variable hour workers, all the information will be clearly stated in the guide.

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