Why Equality and Diversity Training is important

Written by Kevin Murphy
12 January, 2022
Why Equality & Diversity is important

Equality & Diversity Training is important. 

Equality & Diversity Training is important in enabling your business protection from any vicarious liability claim. In essence, being able to move the blame away from the business, to the employee (who will also need to be properly disciplined as a result of their behaviour). 

Below is a series of facts about why Equality & Diversity Training is important for your business.

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Did you know?

In section 109 of the Equality Act 2010 it states “Anything done by a person in the course of their employment must be treated as also done by the employer.” “It does not matter whether that thing is done with the Employer’s knowledge or approval”. 

This being outlined means that without any business protection the blame is automatically put onto the employer. 

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Did you know?

Being held ‘vicariously liable’ imposes liability on one person for the action of another. This means you can be legally responsible for your employee’s action even though you have done nothing wrong. 

Did you know?

When considering whether something done by an employee in the course of their employment is the employer’s fault, Employment Tribunals will look for: 

  1. A sufficiently close connection between the employment and the wrongdoing; and 
  2. The steps were taken by the employer to educate their employees on how to act

This means that employers have to be able to evidence the steps taken and that their employees have had sufficient equality and diversity training in the last 12 months in order to be able to defend claims of this nature. 

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Did you know?

Any Equality & Diversity training over 18 months old cannot be relied on by employers. This was prevalent in the February 2021 case with Allay UK Ltd v Gehen where the employee’s training was over 18 months old and was agreed to be ‘stale’ and ‘ineffective’. 

All training should be reviewed every 12 months to enable employers to rely on the statutory defence to discharge their liability. 



FAQs on Employment Law Solutions’ Equality & Diversity Training 

Why are there two Equality & Diversity Training sessions?

Two types of training sessions are offered, splitting up any non-managerial staff and managerial staff. This allows for more scope and attention to be given to managerial staff to allow them to understand the additional steps that should be taken in the workplace if an issue occurs. 

Is Equality & Diversity Training a long course? 

Not at all, the managerial training session will take approximately 3 hours to complete and the non-managerial training session will take approximately 2 hours to complete. 

How is the Equality & Diversity Training taught? 

The training sessions are interactive online sessions over zoom, each session will hold no more than 15 people, allowing for a collaborative and interactive session with the lawyer conducting the course. 

Do we get proof of the training?

Yes, after the completion of each session, digital certificates are sent out to each participant will remain valid for 18 months after the completion date.

How regularly is the training held?

Equality & Diversity training is held the last week of the month. Alternating between a Monday and a Wednesday to allow for more flexibility for participants working patterns. Both sessions are held on the same day, alternating between the morning and the afternoon. 

For more information on the training request a quote.

What is the price of Equality & Diversity Training?

Pricing starts at £25 per head. For more information request a quote.


I want all of my employees to have this session in one day, do you have private sessions? 

Yes, Employment Law Solutions offers tailored half-day sessions for you and your employees, plus an added hour for managers. Either on-site or virtual sessions can be offered. Further discounts are available for businesses with over 60 employees. 

Can I have a copy of the Equality & Diversity Training brochure? 

To find out more information, download the brochure here. 


Employment Law Solutions can help

If you need Equality and Diversity training, your lawyers at Employment Law Solutions remain on hand to ensure that your HR headaches are cleared up with as much ease as possible letting you focus on getting your business back to normal.


Employment Law Solutions offer Employment Law advice and can assist with your contracts and handbooks. By offering a monthly retainer service you are able to benefit from legal advice and employment contract reviews 24/7, 365 days, all while spreading the cost over 12 monthly payments.

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