Coronavirus Update – 12 March 2020

Written by Jennifer Ormond
12 March, 2020

 Coronavirus Help | Law Changes | Terms & Conditions • March 12, 2020

Coronavirus Update – 12 March 2020

Written by Jennifer Ormond

Further to the Prime Minister’s press conference of this evening please find our updated memo for staff below.

Memo:- Coronavirus Prevention
To – All Staff
Date – March 2020

We take the threat of coronavirus very seriously and acknowledge that it could have a significant impact on you and our business. We want to avoid any compulsory closures which would have an impact on business and your wages. We have an obligation to protect the health and safety of our staff and therefore we must instruct everybody to follow the 5 steps below.

1. Wash your hands! There is lots of guidance on the NHS website, but please use soap and hot water and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Please wash your hands when you arrive at work, before you eat your lunch, take a smoking break or make a cup of tea.

2. Use anti-bacterial hand gel! When necessary, if available and only if you are unable to wash your hands.

3. Use tissues! Please keep a pack on your desk or in your pocket if you need to. Catch any coughs or sneezes and dispose of the tissue safely.

4. Be cautious of high touch areas, like door handles and keyboards! Wash your hands after touching or don’t put your hands on your eyes, mouth or nose.

5. Seek Advice! NHS 111 can provide advice to anyone who requires it, follow their advice and take care.

We won’t hesitate to consider disciplinary action against anyone who does not follow the steps above.
We also thought it would be helpful to answer the most common questions from employees:

1. Do I have to self-isolate?

You must follow the current government guidelines, if you have a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius (this is an obvious temperature/fever) and/or a new and continuous cough you are advised to self-isolate. There is no need to contact NHS 111 unless your symptoms worsen. Try to keep NHS 111 and other medical services clear and free to deal with the most sever and life threatening medical issues. It is crucially important that you do this to protect your colleagues, our customers and even their families who may have older or ill relatives.


2. If I self-isolate, will I be paid?

If you self-isolate you may be enticed to Statutory Sick Pay of £94.25 per week if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you self-isolate, having been instructed by a medical professional or NHS 111, if eligible you will receive statutory sick pay from day 1 but we will require evidence of the phone calls made or proof of your fever, cough or other symptoms.

If you make your own decision to self-isolate, if eligible you will receive statutory sick pay but we will require evidence of your fever, cough or other symptoms even by video or photograph.


3. If I am signed off sick with coronavirus, will I be paid?

If you provide your fit note and are eligible, you will receive statutory sick pay from day 1. If you are contractually entitled to enhanced sick pay, you will receive it.


4. If the business shuts down temporarily will I be paid?

If we have to implement a temporary shutdown and we cannot operate remotely, employees will be laid off and receive a statutory guarantee pay of £29 a day for 5 days We understand that this is a very small amount of money and it is therefore crucial that the 5 steps above are followed to avoid this happening.


5. Can I work at home?

We will consider home-working as a last resort and only when necessary.

Finally, please remember the absence reporting procedure. If you are unable to attend work, you must telephone 1 hour before your start time and our usual absence management trigger points apply during this time.

We acknowledge that this is a rapidly changing situation and we will of course comply with current regulations and any emergency legislation that may be imposed.

Many thanks for your cooperation

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