Brand new events coming in 2023!

We understand how busy the last few months of the year can be.  We’ll be hosting an event with the Farm Retailers Association and planning brand new topics for webinars, seminars and free downloads from 1 January 2023 onwards.  Click below to sign up to receive updates on upcoming events!

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Managing Menopause in the Workplace

Let’s talk about…. Menopause at work.  As a follow-on from our smash hit menopause masterclass you’re now aware of the culture change that’s needed within your business.   This training will give you the full tool kit to enable you to create change in regard...


Equality & Diversity Training

All training sessions will be carried out by lawyers and enable your business to plead the statutory defence to any vicarious liability claim. In essence, moving the blame away from the business to the employee (who will also need to be properly disciplined as a...